50 Al-Shabab militants among them 3 foreigners were killed in Central Somalia

Somali National Army and Galmudug regional security forces are gaining a significant ground as the joint operations to eliminate terrorists in Mudug region intensify.

50 Alshabab militants, among them 3 foreigners were killed in Caad village, on Tuesday, SNA officials confirmed.

11 Al-Shabab bases and hideouts have been destroyed and 4 villages liberated in the ongoing offensive operations local officials say.

In statement Somali government said on Tuesday that The SNA and regional forces continue their efforts through Galmudug state to make sure the Somali people are free of al-Shabaab’s cruel control. Al-Shabaab will never defeat the Somali people if we continue this fight together.

After Eid prayer, the President of Galmudug State Ahmed Qoorqoor vowed the elimination of Al-Shabab in Galmudug.

The militants of terror group have begun to flee southern Mudug region, where the troops wage a massive operation to eradicate Al-Shabab.

By: Mohamed Dhoore


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