A retunee Somali lady opens a modern fish shop in Mogadishu

Suubanseafood market in Mogadishu is a new modern seafood shop established by Sahra Alasow who recently returned to Somalia from abroad.

Seafood resource in Somalia plays a crucial role in the livelihoods and job creation for the youth, said Sahra Alasow.

According to Sahra,there are 6 employees in the shop and the plan is to expand the group when they open more stores in Mogadishu in the near future .

The shop has a delivery service which customers can put their order through phone or online .

At the moment we sell between 20-40 kg a day and we want to reach all our customers across Mogadishu by free delivery, said Sahra.

The fish trade in Somalia is male dominated  and Sahra is an example for women who want to invest in the country.

By: M. M. Dhoore



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