African Union holds a meeting on Somalia

The African Union Peace and Security Council will hold today a meeting on situation in Somalia.

President Farmaajo said on Monday that he welcomes African Union to take a leading role in facilitating an election process in which every citizen elects their representatives through free and fair elections.

Last week Somali President Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmaajo arrived in Kinshasa DRC for a two-day working visit where he met with DR Congo  President and African Union Chairman Felix Tshisekedi.

Somalia’s House of the People voted on and overwhelmingly endorsed The Motion for Special Electoral Law on Directing the National Elections on 12 April.

In essence, this law gives the country the opportunity to implement one of the options proposed by the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC), which had previously put forward several implementable options, including a road map to complete the elections within 13 months.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Famaajo, welcomed the move and urged the Citizens to seize the historic chance to choose their destiny as the House of the People voted to return the elections mandate to the people.

This followed after the failure of Puntland and Jubbaland to support the implementation the initial September 17, 2020 Agreement.

By: MM Dhore


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