Air strike kills Alshabaab senior operative

The Federal Government of Somalia, in coordination with the United States Military and Federal Member States, conducted an airstrike on al-Shabaab militants in southern Somalia.

The attack occurred north of the town of Beer Xaani.

The airstrike was held in support of military operations of the 43rd Danab Commando Battalion.

One senior al-Shabaab commander was killed as a result of the airstrike.

The increased airstrikes support from the US Forces enables successful military operations conducted by the elite Danab Commando Battalions and further demonstrated the determination of the FGS and its US partners’ to bring to justice those who terrorize and exploit the citizens of Somalia and its East African brothers and sisters.

These operations also highlight the importance the FGS and the United States place in limiting civilian casualties as they bring the campaign against al-Shabaab further into their strongholds.

This stands in sharp contrast to al-Shabaab’s indiscriminate killing of civilians in its battle against the great Somali people.

At this time, we assess that no civilians were killed or injured in the attack.


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