AMISOM conducts training on basic crime scene management for South West State Police Officers

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) isconducting a 10-day training course on basic crime scene management for SouthWest Police officers in Baidoa.

Twenty officers drawn from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) areattending the course, which is part of a series of specialized training programmesbeing conducted by AMISOM Police.

Participants are expected to cover a number of topics during the training including,among others, investigations and handling scenes of crime.

Tresphord Kasale, the AMISOM Police Coordinator for South West state, noted thatthe training is tailored to enhance the investigative skills of the local officers to helpimprove the dispensation of justice.

“This course commenced on the 6th and will end on November 15th. Our aim is toimpart knowledge on how to investigate crimes.

We are hoping that after thisparticular course we shall empower our colleagues to be able to investigate all types of crimes,” Mr. Kasale stated.

Speaking during the training, South West state Minister of Security, Hassan HusseinElay, described the training as timely and underscored the importance of havingskilled police officers within the force.

“We are pleased with the training being given to the police, and this is not the first

time. A number of trainings have been conducted for the police to enhance theirskills and expertise, the latest being this one in which the police are being taughthow to investigate crimes. This training is very important given the current situation in the country,” Mr. Elay observed.

The Minister said South West state needed investigators capable of investigatingcrimes and gathering intelligence about the enemy, whose aim is to destabilize thecountry.

He thanked AMISOM forces and the government of Japan for facilitating thetraining.Adan Abdirahman Ibrahim, a South West Police officer attending the training stated;“This seminar is about investigation of occurrences like accidents, murders,explosions and how to make a follow-up on these cases.” Noor Abdisalan Ibrahim, a trainee was optimistic that the training will be beneficialto police officers in the execution of their duties to enable them serve the publicbetter.

“Today I am attending a workshop organized by AMISOM and it is about how to manage scenes of crime. We expect to benefit a great deal from this training whichwe really needed. It is important to train police on how to investigate and deal with crimes,” Noor stated.


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