Federal Government of Somalia, U.S. conduct airstrike against Al-Shabaab terrorists


The Federal Government of Somalia, in partnership with the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), conducted an airstrike against al-Shabaab militants near the town of Dujuuma, Somalia. This precision airstrike wounded three terrorists while also destroying a known al-Shabaab compound.

The FGS and the US AFRICOM take great measures to prevent civilian’s casualties in the fight against the terrorist group and investigate each reported allegation fully. At this time, no civilians are assessed to have been killed or injured in the attack.

These recent airstrikes targeting Al-Shabaab senior members demonstrates that the FGS and its elite Danab forces supported by the US AFRICOM, committed to defeating those who terrorize and exploit the people of Somalia.
Somali women play an important role in the rebuilding of the Federal Government of Somalia and help shape its culture. Women who willingly join al-Shabaab or provide support for their terrorist actions, are also al-Shabaab. For those men and women who are being forced to join through fear or by force to support al-Shabaab’s false ideology, there is still time to turn away from Al-Shabaab.

The FGS, the SNA, the Danab, and the Somalis people who take up arms against al-Shabaab, are relentless in the fight against terrorism and want to restore peace and security for all Somalis.

The FGS, Federal Member States, and their partners are committed to fighting Al-Shabaab terrorists, regardless of gender, in order to prevent the deaths of innocent civilians that include men, women, and children in Somalia and its neighboring countries. The efforts we take to protect and safeguard civilians contrasts to the indiscriminate attacks that al-Shabaab regularly conducts against the civilian populace of Somalia.


Press release 23 feb 2020 – Dajuuma


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