Foreign minster receives the new reperesentative of WHO to Somalia

The minster of foreign affiars and international cooperation for the Federal govenment of Somalia H.E Amb Ahmed Isse Awad received  Dr Mamunur Rahman Malik ,the new reperesentative of World Health Organisation to Somalia on Monday(SONNA) reported

During their meeting at the office of the FM, Dr Mamunur Rahman Malik presented copy of his credentials to the minster Awad, as a resident reperesentative of WHO in the country.

Moreover, the two officials had a fruitful disscussion on biletral framework,as well as providing supports to cover the needs of health sector such as Hospitals,setting up preventive and awareness programms for health service providers and implementing effective projects within frame-work activating joint mechanisim.

Recently,the govenment institutions had been focsing on development of social service in the country,such as Health,Education,water Energy and many other services for the public.


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