Governor of Banadir declares Security Operations that will Soon start in Mogadishu

Mr. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng Yarisow), mayor of Mogadishu and governor of Banadir Regional Administration has declared security operations that aim at tightening the security of the city, during a press conference held at the headquarters of the Local Government of Hamar that currently is being undertaken by the security agencies of the Federal Government of Somalia.

The governor has called upon the residents of Banadir Region to cooperate closely with the Somali heroes, who are committed to strengthening and boosting the security of their citizens and country.

“Nowadays, the National Leaders are convening meetings that aim to tighten the security of the city that allows the citizens to secure full confidence regarding the matter. To realize this motive, the security forces have started security operations that aim at boosting the security of the city”

Eng. Yarisow has also asked the residents of Banadir Region to realize the need to restrain the public transport sector that is being encountered during these operations by the security agencies and to cooperate with them on their pursuit and investigations that target the terrorist affiliates, whose evil activities remain detrimental to the Somali citizens.

The governor has presented a plan for Banadir Region that aim to facilitate the public transport in the city during the ongoing security operations, while adding that a public transport initiative was put in place to those vulnerable members of the community who cannot walk for longer distance.

The governor has pointed out that his administration will brief the Social Media and the public at large on the feedback of the ongoing security operations, as well as the potential challenges that need to be worked on collectively and their accomplishment.