Martyr Mohamed Abddiwahid dies in battle against terrorists

Major, Mohamed Abdiwahid, the Commander the 6th battalion of Somalia’s special forces (Gorgor) was killed in a battle between SNA and terrorist group of Al-Shabab at Jalable village in Middle Shabelle region on Thursday.

The commander was part of officers leading ongoing security operations against terrorists in the Middle Shabelle region.

The hero who has paid the ultimate price for his country’s stability has been in the military service more than 10 years .

Somalia’s Prime Minister,Mohamed Rooble extended his heavy-hearted condolences to the family,Somali army and all Somali people on the death of Major Mohamed Abdiwahid.

SNA are engaged offensive military operations amid flushing out the extremist group Alshabaab from Middle Shabelle region in Hirshabelle where dozens of militants were killed in the past several days.

More than 100 terrorists were killed and many bases were destroyed in the recent operation which is being led by Somalia’s Army chief, Ge. Odawaa Yusuf .

M.M Dhoore


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