Mayor of Mogadishu Attends the Internally Displaced People`s Policy Launch

Mayor of Mogadishu and the governor of Banadir Region honorable Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) has said that the internally displaced people`s policy will focus on a process aimed at resettling those internally displaced persons and creating a better life for them that will allow them to take part in the societal development.


The governor of Banadir Region has attended this occasion in which a policy manual prepared by Banadir Region Administration was presented with the aim of directing the displaced persons in the region.

“We are planning ways to put in place complete resettlement procedures for the displaced persons and to ensure they are at ease at these devastating circumstances that need unified efforts and physical performance from us”

Eng Yarisow has commended the displaced people for enduring long time efforts and grit through which they managed their life time conditions, while pointing out the priorities given to their recommendations and suggestions during the establishment of this policy that aims at finding solutions for the menace of the displaced people.

“These displaced people living in the city endured devastating circumstances and this well established policy aims at securing a final solution for resettlement affairs regarding displaced people living in Mogadishu”

Also, the event was addressed by cabinet ministers representing the Federal Government of Somalia, officials representing Banadir Region, United Nations Organizations, among other honorable guests.