Mayor of Mogadishu Returns a Previously Looted House to Somali Family

Mayor of Mogadishu and the governor of Banadir Regional Administration Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow ), who has returned a previously confiscated house to a Somali family, has said that Banadir Region Administration had succeeded in their efforts to return the properties of Many citizens back to their ownership.


The governor has managed to welcome the two families, whose case was brought to an end, while commending the sacrifice of this family in which they aim to hand over the house to its entitled family and the commendable and brotherly attitude they show to their brothers, who are said to be the owners of the house.

“I thank you for forgiving each other and realizing the significance of staying together as brothers and sisters forever. This rare step that you are collectively taking now opens a new dawn for realizing fruitful solutions for the existing disputes regarding the lands and properties that remain recurrent in Banadir Region.

On their side, the two families, whose dispute was resolved peacefully, have thanked Banadir Regional Administration for their continued efforts to deal with this matter and secure a final solution for the dispute and the approach they employed to facilitate this compromise and the brotherly ending of the matter.

The meeting was attended by honorable Safia Sheikh Ali, the District Commissioner of Shibis, where the disputed house that was finally handed over to its owner is located.