Ogeysiis:jago shaqo ka banaan golaha shacabka Soomaaliyeed

Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya Golaha Shacabka

الجمھوریة الفدرالیة الصومالیة مجلس الشعب

Somali Federal Republic House of the People


Technical Advisor: Capacity Development Individual Contract
Tuesday, 23 June 2015, 11:00 pm

Date: June 10, 2015

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Nine months: July 2015 –March 2016
The Secretary General of the Somali Federal Parliament

The Somali Federal Parliament (NFP) was inaugurated in August 2012, with the selection (by traditional elders and a vetting panel) of 275 new Members of Parliament. The NFP currently consists of a single House of the People, though the Provisional Constitution envisages the eventual establishment of an Upper House which will be comprised of Federal Member State representatives (once the states are legally created). The mission of the House is to be the Voice of the People.

The Parliament Secretariat is the administrative arm of the House and is responsible for managing its day-to-day operations, including recordkeeping, public relations, staffing and finance.
A UNDP-sponsored micro capacity assessment was conducted by ABRIMO Company in 2014 to assess the institutional capacity of NFP to manage funds in accordance with the Harmonized Approach for Cash Transfer (HACT) framework and guidelines. The assessment identified a number of deficiencies in the areas of staffing, financial controls, procurement, reporting and information systems.

aresponsible for providing technical assistance in order to implement improvement activities that will eliminate the deficiencies stated in the ABRIMO findings.


General responsibilities of the CDC:

Organizational structure and staffing

  •  Review and revise the organogram of NFP Secretariat (including numbers and levels of staff) in consultation with key relevant stakeholders, such as the Somali Civil Service Commission, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Finance;
  •  Develop a recruitment plan for key positions to be filled and develop job descriptions in support of the endorsed organogram;

    Tell: +252 612224442/ +252 616312787
    E-mail. [email protected] Website: www.parliament.gov.so

  •   Develop and assist implementing a documented process for staff background checks for all new hires;
  •   Provide any and all support and advice to the NFP Secretariat to undertake an efficient, merit-based recruitment process in line with the new organograms and position descriptions, including assisting with any and all paperwork necessary for staff selection;
  •   Design and ensure delivery of training to all new staff, including organizing new hires orientation, capacity building and management training for any new managers;
  •   Assist the Parliament Secretariat to develop a training policy, employee performance appraisal process and annual training plans; and
  •   Assist the Parliament to establish an internal control framework, including conducting a risk assessment exercise and developing a risk register where each identified risk would be mapped to the relevant control to mitigate it.

    Accounting Policies and Procedures

  •   Assist the Parliament to establish an internal control framework, including conducting a risk assessment exercise and developing a risk register where each identified risk would be mapped to the relevant control to mitigate it.
  •   Assist the NFP Secretariat to establish a segregation of duties among staff to ensure that functional responsibilities related to financial transactions are conducted by different individuals;
  •   Establish process/procedure to monitor budget on on-going basis where the management anticipates potential budget overruns and seeks approvals before the overruns are incurred;
  •   Establish a comprehensive invoice processing procedure;
  •   Develop an accounting manual that would be used as a guideline for all financial

    management related procedures e.g. roles and responsibilities, processes around receipts

    and payments and safeguarding and accounting for fixed assets;

  •   Develop and adopt a documented finance policy including guidelines and procedures on

    identifying, monitoring, and dealing with potential conflict of interest situations and related party transactions;

    Internal audit

  •   Assist the Parliament to establish an internal audit functions, clearly state qualification and experience requirements for Internal Audit staff and write audit charter for the internal audit function; and
  •   Assist the Parliament to establish binding mechanism that will ensure these Somali institutions are financially audited periodically; reliable evaluations are produced and disseminated.

    Reporting and monitoring

 Assist the Parliament to prepare financial statements on an on-going basis, detailing the income, expenditure, assets, liabilities as well as the statement of financial position of

 Develop, document and circulate a fraud risk management policy which will comprehensively address among other things designing fraud & corruption response plans, establishing investigation protocols, remediation policies and uniform disciplinary processes.

NFP, using appropriate standards (IFRS) to guide the process of preparation of these

statements; and
 Provide technical assistance to prepare reports detailing a comparison between actual and

budgeted expenditure for each budget line on a monthly basis and explaining variances identified.

Information System

  •   Assist the NFP Secretariat to roll out a proper accounting system which will help effectively manage financial information; and
  •   Provide professional assistance to develop policies on the use of the system covering areas around access controls, licensing, accountability etc.


    Assist the Parliament to document procurement policies and procedures that would guide the procurement practices of the Parliament, including the following policies, procedures and services:

  •   Document fraud risk management policy which would among other things assist the parliament administration to design fraud & corruption response plans, establish investigation protocol’s, remediation policies and uniform disciplinary processes;
  •   Undertake regular market surveys;
  •   Establish database of active suppliers;
  •   Keep track of past performances of suppliers;
  •   Regularly check ‘market’ prices for goods and services purchased;
  •   Establish procedures for handling complaints;
  •   Develop procurement manual, incorporating a set of procurement code of ethics;
  •   Assist the Parliament Administration to clearly define and approve the role of the

    Procurement Committee at the Parliament and thereafter include it in the procurement

    policies and procedures;

  •   Establish procurement authorization levels;
  •   Standardize bidding documents and establish well defined process to ensure a secure and

    transparent bid and evaluation process;

  •   Develop standard templates for contracts; and
  •   Assist the Parliament to establish and approve formal guidelines and procedures to assist

    staff in identifying, monitoring and dealing with potential conflicts of interest with potential suppliers/procurement agents.

    Fixed Asset Management

  •   Assist the Parliament to establish and maintain fixed asset register detailing for each asset: asset description, unique identification number, location, original cost, Depreciation, NBV and the user;
  •   Train staff on conducting a detailed physical inventory of fixed assets periodically; and
  •   Develop a fixed asset manual used as a guideline for all fixed asset related procedures e.g. roles and responsibilities, processes around receipts and payments and safeguarding and accounting for fixed assets.

COMPETENCIES Functional Competencies:

  •   Knowledge and expertise in democratic governance, public administration, organizations development and/or rule of law
  •   Demonstrated experience in providing technical advice to policy makers; ability to work well with governmental institutions, civil society and the general public
  •   Strong communication and interpersonal skills, ability to foster networks and partnerships and good working knowledge of information and computer technology
  •   Displays analytical judgment and demonstrated ability to handle confidential and politically sensitive issues in a responsible manner;
  •   Demonstrates strong intellectual and operational capacity in providing objective and professional advice.

    Communications and Networking:

  •   Excellent oral and written communication skills and conflict resolution competency to manage inter-group dynamics and mediate conflict interest of varied actors
  •   Maturity and confidence in dealing with senior and high ranking members of Somali institutions, government and non-government.


     Master’s degree in human resource management, public administration, business administration, finance or other related field


 University degree and 8+ years of relevant work experience


  •   A minimum of 6 years working experience in the area of democratic governance, public administration, HRM and/or public financial management
  •   Previous work experience in working with government, the public service, training and development, civil service reform, developing internal control and administrative policies and experience in parliamentary settings
  •   Previous work experience in preparing internal policies and procedures for parliament and/or other policy-making bodies, such as developing parliament financial and procurement policies, enhancing capacity of parliament staff, preparing parliament employees job descriptions and undertaking staffing and restructuring activities.

    Language Requirements:

 Fluency in English; Native Speaker of Somali

How to Apply
Applicants should forward CVs and cover letters to: Emails: [email protected]

[email protected]

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Closing Date/Time: Tuesday, 23 June 2015, 11:00 pm Somalia Time


 F.G Fiiri Lifaaqa hoose