President farmaajo opens sessions of parliamentary houses

President Federal Republic of Somalia H.E Mohamed Abdulahi farmaajo has today Saturday opened the third sessions of the upper House and Lower House of the Federal Parliament in a ceremony held in Mogadishu, SONNA reported.

The President delivered his constitutional speech before the members of of two houses, focusing the sovereignty of the country, security, taxation and key laws to passed during this year in this session.

Addressing on the sovereignty and foreign investment trade deals, the President said that Federal Government of Somalia will never accept dividing the country and mishandling of the natural resource of Somalia of both land and sea, referring to the latest deal between Somali-land, Ethiopia and Dubai Port World of Emirates.

“Somalia is ready to welcome foreign investment and trade to share with international partners, but those who are interested in should have to register from federal government of Somalia and get permission”, Mr. Farmajo said.

“I am warning countries and companies to respect the freedom of our country and unity of Somalia” Said President Farmaajo.


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