President Farmaajo “The implementation of the law is mandatory for the government and the people”

President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mr. Mohamed said the government’s plan looga way of doing justice.

In the past months, he noted that he had undertaken a study on the Somali justice system, and will now act as a correction tool.

“I finished my study and took a long look at real facts and a lot of us in the courts and justice, We have not corrected hear allh quickly I will be corrected,” said the president.

He said it is important for the Somali people to get justice, and the country’s judiciary is working and reliable.

“The implementation of the law is mandatory for all government and people,” said President Farmajo.

President  Farmajo said that it would never be possible for security and progress, as it did not work in the country.

Tarnslate: By Baashi Ali Haashi


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