President farmajo appreciates youth and religious role in Galmudug State

President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo) is having discussion meetings with the different parts of the community in Dhusamareb town.

President Farmajo praised religious leaders and the youth in Galmudug state for their role of peace and reconciliation in the area.

“Somali youth is the back born of development planning of the government, especial reconciliation process in the country, young generation should occupy their position as though 70% of Somali population are youth”, said the president.

In addition to that the president congratulated religious leader’s responsibility of mobilizing community from the wrong ideology of Al-shabab in the province.

“When we are talking about the ongoing operation against terrorist Al-shabab, your good example to the rest of the country, the reason is you mobilized the people and fight the enemy together hence you uprooted from the entire region”, Said Farmajo in a meeting.

The president remains Dhusamareb town in his third day today on Thursday for accelerating peace and reconciliation activities in Galmudug state as well the president visited today sector 21 of Somali National Army where he met and listen to information from the commanders of the sect.

By Ahmed Hurre


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