President Farmajo inspects areas liberated from the militants in lower Shabelle region

president of the Federal Republic of Somalia, His Excellency Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Friday visited the areas liberated from the terrorist militant group of Al-Shabaab, and called on government institutions to deliver more basic assistance and services to the residents of the region, SONNA reported.


The President said the government would continue military operations until all the areas under the militants are liberated.

He commended the valiant armed forces that came with the firm victory against the enemy, Al-Shabaab militants that opposed the development and peace process in our country.

I congratulate you on your military achievement against the enemy of Somali people, you are required to defeat them defend people in this town as you did in Sabiib and Canole”, the president said.

The President also called on the Somali people to stand up with the armed forces as a national duty, to be one row against the enemy, and called on the armed forces to move forward and continue fighting against terrorists.

The President Farmajo’s inspection comes days after the Somali National Army rooted out Al-Shabaab militants from those locations and aimed to aimed at encouraging the army’s efforts on the war.