President Farmajo receives AU delegation

A delegation from the African Union And region body IGAD lead by former south African president Thabo Mbeki touched down in Somalia.

At the airport they were welcomed by the minister of foreign affairs Mr. Ahmed Isse Awad, UN Envoy to Somalia James Swan and AU representative in Somalia Francesco Madeira.

The delegation proceeded to Villa Somalia where they were warmly received by the president of Somalia Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo.

The key purpose of the delegation’s visit was to assess the current financial and security status of the country. This assessment will be key to the current research that’s being conducted by the AU on possibility of continental economic integration and security partnerships.

Former president Thabo Mbeki Thanked president Farmajo for the warm reception they received, him and his entire delegation. Mr Mbeki praised the government and people of Somalia for the tangible achievements made in short period of time. He recognized the progress made in reconciliation, economic growth and political stability.

President Farmajo briefed the delegation on the countries participation in solving the continents challenges that include economic integration, security and solving political differences in some countries.

The delegation will be in the country for two days where they will meet prominent figures, security experts and political experts in the country.

The president’s team that welcomed the delegation included the deputy prime minister Mr. Mahdi Gulled, Director General of the Office of the president, ministers, UN envoy to Somalia Mr. Swan and advisors of the president


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