SNA and US airstrike kills extremist Al-Shabab in Somalia, say officials

The Federal Government of Somalia in coordination with U.S. Africa Command, conducted an air strike against an  al-Shabaab operative near Sakoow, Somalia.

At this time it is assessed that one al-Shabaab operative was killed and no civilians were injured or killed during the strike.

The SNA and it’s partners have made great strides in targeting and bringing to justice key al-Shabaab leaders reducing al-Shabaab’s ability to stage and carry out attacks against the innocent civilians of Somalia.

This strike highlights the increasingly successful partnership between the Federal Government of Somalia and its U.S. partners in the fight against Al-Shabaab, as well as the great effort they take to prevent civilian casualties.

The FGS and international partners continue to stand firm in the fight against extremism and will continue to work towards achieving security and stability for all Somalis.


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