Somali, AU forces capture key areas from Al-Shabaab militants in southern Somalia

Somali National Army backed by the African Union Peacekeeping Troops on Monday captured key Al-Shabaab militants’ strong-holds in lower Shabelle region southern Somalia after joint military operation there, officials said.

Deputy Governor of lower Shabelle region, Abdifitah Haji Abdulle told the Somali National News Agency that SNA and AMISOM jointly carried out the operation, taking control of Awdhegle, Mubarak and other key locations during the operation.

“SNA and AMISOM jointly carried out military operation against terrorist militants of Al-Shabaab in this region this morning and still goes on now, the joint forces took control of Awdhegle, Mubarak and key locations which were the strong-holds of the terrorist militants”, Mr. Abdulle said.

He added that there were casualties on the militants and some captives under the army, saying they would display and give details to the media after the operation ends.

Mr. Abdulle said that Al-Shabaab’s F.M radio station based at Daru-Salam in the region is off air, showing the extent of casualties on terrorist side today.

This military operation seems to be major operation against Al-Shabaab by joint forces since the New Year started so far with military progress.

By Mohamed Osman ‘Black Cobra’


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