Somali Government investigates 9.6 U.S dollar

Ministry Internal Security of the Federal Republic of Somalia on Monday said that is investigating 9.6 million U.S dollar in which security forces caught from a car plane, Boeing 737 that landed at Mogadishu Airport yesterday, SONNA reported.

“Security agencies are in operation to investigate the money, where it was to and from, people involved in and the aim that such large amount of money to be brought into the country”, The Ministry said in a statement.

The Statement said that Airport operators suspected the three bags and informed National Intelligence and Security Agency’s anti- terrorism unit.

The Ministry confessed that there is no abuse that took place the airport during the operation to take over the consignment.

There are some states that assists the Federal Government but the economic assistance has procedure based on the country’s regulations and the international law relating to money issues according to the statement.

By Mohamed Osman ‘Black Cobra’


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