Somali leaders end country’s electoral impasse

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Rooble and the leaders of Somalia’s five regional States with Benadir Governor have signed on Thursday agreement about the country’s elections following three days of electoral consultative conference in Mogadishu.

Mr. Rooble who was chairing the summit says that several days of negotiations between the FGS, FMS and Benadir Region in the spirit of responsiveness, compromise and consensus have, in the interest of the Nation and people, culminated in a mutually acceptable solution to the  national electoral impasse.

Prime Minister Rooble expresses his appreciation to the leaders of Federal Member States and Governor of Banadir for their role of the election agreement. He said “they have truly shown a great degree of flexibility, compromise, patience and leadership”.

Somalia’s international partners welcomed this historic agreement and commended the commitments of Somali leaders.

UK Embassy in Mogadishu said that this agreement now sets the path to rapid elections. Continued engagement in good faith and a willingness to resolve disputes through dialogue will remain important in the months ahead.

M.M. Dhoore


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