Somali Minister of Labor launches Reviving National Capacity to Promote Decent Employment in Somalia project

Somali Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Sadik Warfa  launches Reviving National Capacity to Promote Decent Employment in Somalia project that will improve the civil service of the Federal Government of Somalia and it’s Member states. Minster Saadiq Hersi Warfaa met with donors in Nairobi to inaugurate the Project.


The Minster was accompanied by the Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs of Puntland, Galmudug, Hirshabeelle, Southern Somalia, Jubbaland, and the officials from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Somalia. This Project will last for three years and will support the federal government and its member states in establishing key laws for the job and promotion of Departmental personnel.

Minister of Labor, Youth and Sports of Puntland, Jama Farah Muse, said: “the project also focuses on job creation and practical skills training for the Somali community”. On the other side Dahir Farah Fiidow, Deputy minister for Labor, Youth and Sports of Galmudug state, reinstated that this project would benefit more staff in Galmudug and throughout the country.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Sadik Warfa , Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, stated the Somali government is committed to job creation for Somali community, as this project also promotes the development of the Somali Human Resource. “The purpose of this project was to develop new capacities and capabilities of the federal government and member states in the federal government to carry out their work, so that the goal is to help the personnel to create their skills and experience” he said, adding that of the importance of win all the member states of the federal government to accept the invitation and work  together with donors who hope this project will create more job opportunities and improve the knowledge of  Somali youth.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) will implement this project with support donors including the EU.


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