Somali National Army kills more than eight Alshabab militants in Baay region

Eight Alshabab Militants including Mukhtar Nuurow a senior and operative of terrorist’s to Baay region have been killed by a brave Somali National Army at Diinsoor district today,  the army commander said.

Brigadier General Odawa Yusuf Raage, has told to the SNA Radio that the army have killed Mukhtar Nuurow who is Alshabab operative to the region, adding that, this has happen after terrorist’s militant attempted to disrupted the stability of the district.

“Our brave soldiers have today killed in Diinsoor eight Alshabab militants including the group’s Baay region operative Mukhtar Nuurow aka Sayid Ali ,” said the commander. He added they’ve seized weaponry and other army materials.

The army also paraded to the Media the corpse of terrorists’ that have been killed today, carrying AK-47 riffle, walkie talkie  and other army materials.

Diinsoor is about more than 120 km to the south of provincial capital of Baidoa and it has been under Alshabab blockage for the last several years, but the 60th division of Somali National Army have controlling now the district and its surrounding area.


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