Somali National Army liberate Aw Dheegle town

The Somali military has registered more success against the Al-Shabaab terror group with the liberation of the agriculturally rich town of Aw Dheegle in Lower Shabelle region.

The Somali commando unit – Danab liberated the town, which is located approximately 70 km South of Mogadishu followings in years of occupation by the terrorists, and are currently carrying out search operations within
the town.

Congratulating the Somali National Army on their latest achievement, Commander of the SNA Infantry and Deputy Army Chief, Odawa Yusuf Rageh hailed the capture of Aw Dhegle as a significant victory that liberates the local people hence giving them access to government services, freedom and joy they were denied for years by the terrorists.

“This operation is part of the well-organized offensives currently underway in the Lower Shabelle region aimed at liberating all areas in
the region that are still under control of the Al-Shabaab group in a bid to end the suffering perpetrated by these terrorists”.

General Odawa applauded the troops for their commitment towards securing their country and urged them to intensify the operations which have so far seen the liberation and restoration of life to the towns of Barire,
Sabid and Anole.


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