Somali PM receives the Russia’s ambassador to Somalia in Mogadishu

The prime minister of Somalia Hassan Ali Kheyre has received the Russian ambassador to Somalia Mikhail Golovanov in his office, the two sides have discussed how to improving bilateral relationship between the two countries .SONNA reported.

The Russian Ambassador Mikhail Golovanov thanked to the prime minister of Somalia Hassan Ali Khyre for the warm welcome and also,he praised the prime minister and his government for their efforts and the achievements interns of economy,security and development of Somalia as whole.

He assured that his government will improve the relation between the two countries.

The prime minister said that, the relation between the two countries was historic and his administration was ready to re-ignite that good relation and seek the support of Russia in solving some of the country’s challenges.

Somalia has recently embarked on campaign to improve its relation with other countries that they share mutual interest,in order to fast track development and form a strong partnership with the rest of the world.

Somalia was once a key ally of Russia, they relied on Somalia for most of its influence in the region, Political differences threatened that relation and finally saw the Soviet Union switched sides identifying Somalia as a threat to its interests.

Things could change as Somalia has seen dark days and is determined to rise from the ruble at any cost, Somalia, with its untapped oil, gas, uranium, other mineral resources, and prolonged instability, is the microcosm of the region and in need of a strategic partner to help rebuild the state in every sense of the word. On April 19, 2016.

Former Prime Minister of Somalia Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke held a bilateral meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Mr Sharmarke requested Russian assistance to strengthen the Somali military’s ability in the fight against Al-Shabaab,an Al-Qaeda affiliate terror organization based in East Africa and to see Russia’s support in developing the country’s economy.

Lavrov stated that Russia was ready to consider military cooperation to help Somalia battle terrorism in the hostile region,According to Ramani, while Syria has been a focal point of Russia’s anti-ISIS efforts in recent months.

Indirect or direct Russian military and economic assistance to the Somali government can create a highly positive atmosphere for regional security,say Authorities.

It may also strengthen Moscow’s superpower status as a leader in combating terrorism besides struggle against ISIS in Syria.

Russia is keen to balance between its volatile relation with turkey as turkey is popularly known as the big brother.

Turkey has given a significant economic and military assistance to Somalia,Turkey’s first military training center abroad in foreign state will also be an important base to provide military training to all of Africa and it will probably expand Turkey’s influence over the region.

They have recently produced a high number of military grandaunts,who have taken part in most of the current campaign to cleanse the country from Al shabaab terror group.


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