Somali PM visits wounded soldiers

Somali Prime Minister has paid a visit on Monday evening to the Somali Army Hospital in Mogadishu where soldiers who were wounded in Saturday’s terrorist attacks on Army bases in the Lower Shabelle region, are being treated.

“You are brave soldiers who sacrifice their lives to defend their country, I wish speedy recovery to those injured. I also offer my condolences to servicemen who died while on the front lines ” PM  Rooble said during visit to the wounded soldiers.

The terrorist group of Al-Shabaab attacked on Somali National Army bases in Barire and Awdhigle of Lower Shabelle region on Saturday morning,using car bombs and infantry.

Somali National Army repulsed the attack and killed over 100 terrorists including commanders.

Three senior Shabab leaders Ima’il Dubad, Abdinur Qaar Qaar and Hareed Dheere among those were killed in Awdhegle Village.

By: MM Dhore


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