Somalia condemns ship carrying over 200,000 bags of charcoal from Somalia docking at Iraqi port

The Permanent Mission of Somalia at the United Nations affirms deep regrets that a ship carrying over 200,000 bags of charcoal from the port in southern Somalia has docked at the Iraqi port of Umm Qasri.


The Permanent Mission of Somalia condemns all countries involved in the smuggling of, and in dealing with the illegal export of Charcoal from Somalia.

Illegal charcoal smuggling is detrimental to the security and stability of Somalia, since revenue from illegal charcoal export is the main financial source for the terrorist organizations of Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda.

The ship is said to have forged customs documents indicating to be from Ghana.

The Federal Government of Somalia calls on Iraqi government to expedite investigations and be swift actions to halt further clearance of the said ship.

Somalia equally calls on all friends and international partners to support efforts in preventing charcoal smuggling out of Somalia.


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