Somalia wants to vaccinate 20% of its population

On 15th of March 2021 the Somali government received the first batch of coronavirus vaccine.
The Ministry of Health took over 300,000 packages of UK-made Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine through COVAX initiatives.

The vaccination was officially launched across the country on 22and of March.

In a major expansion, COVID -19 vaccines rolled out all in Somalia’s five regional states.
Particular attention is paid to frontline health workers and vulnerable people.

The Somali government’s plan is to vaccinate 20% of its population.

According to health officials, around 30,000 people have been so far vaccinated.

As the Covid-19 vaccines are rolled out in the country and making progress, the Somali Health Officials urge public to get jabs to reduce risks of this pandemic disease.

By: MM Dhore


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