Somalia witnesses a change in the fight against Al-Shabaab in the town of Sabiid Lower Shabelle region

The cowardly al-Shabaab terrorists conducted an overnight attack, attempting to overrun FGS and local forces in the area(SONNA) reported

With help from the local populace, the SNA and Darwish security forces defended the town and safeguarded the bridge, preventing al-Shabaab from killing innocent Somalis.

Because of the efforts of the people and the security forces, al-Shabaab did not succeed in their mission to cut off Sabiid from the rest of Somalia and destroy the local economy, which would have left locals without jobs or the ability to provide for their families.

This operation demonstrates the capability of the of FGS, local leaders, and the Somali Security Forces to work together to defeat the terrorists who seek to subjugate and impoverish the Somali people and instead focus on building a safe and prosperous Somalia.



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