Somalia’s Galmudug State forces clash with illegal armed fishers

Somalia’s Galmudug State says an illegal fishing boat with armed men opened fire on the Galmudug coast guards near Hobyo shores on Monday leaving one soldier wounded.

“In the Indian Ocean off the coast of Galmudug, a large boat fishing illegally between Hobyo and Elhur opened fire on our coastal guards injuring one of them said Galmudug’s security ministry.

According to local security officials the coastal guards repulsed the attack and forced the fishing boat to flee .

Illegal foreign fishing boats in the region are very danger to local fishing sector by barring local fishers to go further in sea and some times destroy their boats .

Security officials in Galmudug say they are doing every thing to fight with illegal fishing in the region and safeguard local fishers.

By: M.M.Dhoore


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