Somalia’s Parliament votes to return elections to the people


Somalia’s House of the People voted on and overwhelmingly endorsed The Motion for Special Electoral Law on Directing the National Elections on Monday.

149 MPs voted in favor, 3 opposed it, and 1 MP abstained. “Speaker Mohamed Mursal Sheik Abdurahman announced.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Famaajo welcomed the move and urged the Citizens to seize the historic chance to choose their destiny as the House of the People voted to return the elections mandate to the people.

The President said, the Government shall play its key role in the implementation of the electoral law as passed by the House of the people to rightfully restore the constitutional power to the Somali people.

This followed after the failure of FMS members to support the implementation the initial Sep 17, 2020 Agreement.

By: M.M.Dhoore


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