South west leader arrives in Mogadishu today the eve of the electoral summit

Officials from federal level and state level have welcomed on this Sunday morning at Adan Abdulle airport by south west state leader Abdiasis Laftagaren whose recent days was in Turkey.

Laftagareen will attend the upcoming electoral summit in which president Mohamed Farmaajo has invited for FMS leaders and Banadir Governor that will finalizing the 17th September election agreement and the result of 15-16 February Baidoa meeting by technical committee.

Yesterday afternoon, Somali minister of information H.E Osman Dubbe said in a press conference the meeting that president Farmaajo had invited will take place at Afisyone Air force base in Mogadishu.

It was already in Mogadishu leaders of Puntland, Jubaland, Hirshabele and Galmudug.