Ten people were killed in terrorist suicide blast in Mogadishu

10 people seeking to join the new army recruits were killed and 20 others wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of General Dhago Badan army training camp in Mogadishu on Tuesday,

The blast occurred before the entry door was opened as the new recruits were getting ready for security check up.

Somali National Army Chief, Brigadier General, Odawaa Yusuf, extended his condolences to the families and Somali people on the death of the youth who died in the barbaric and cowardly attack .

“This attack will never stop somali youth from being part of the national defense but will encourage them to defend their country “ said Ge. Odwaa.

When ever Shabab is defeated in the direct battle, they organise heinous suicide attacks which reflects their cowardice.

Around 300 members of the terrorist group of Al-Shabab were killed in a massive offensive operations conducted by SNA in many parts of the country.

The terrorists lost more grounds in the current operations as Somali National Army intensified the combat to hunt down terrorists.