The federal government of Somalia sends food aid to flood victims in Jowhar

Two planes carrying food aid from Federal Government of Somalia, for the flood victims have landed in Jowhar town on Monday.

Officials from Hirshabelle State received the food donation at the airport and it will be soon distributed to the needy people.

Hirshabelle State suffers a massive displacements and humanitarian plight caused by the repeated floods.

Floods have adversely affected poor villagers along the Shabelle River and destroyed the farmlands which increased the level of food shortage in the region.

On June 3, Somali prime minister Mohamed Rooble along with Hirshabelle President and ministers from FGS visited to the flood hit areas around Jowhar city, to assess the scale of the destruction.

“The internally displaced need urgent humanitarian intervention, including resettlement, provision of food, medicine and other critical supplies” said prime minister Rooble after his visit..