The Federal Minister of information reviews Somalia in 2019 and priorities for 2020

 This year Somalia has made key gains that have laid sufficient groundwork that is critical to drive the country forward in the coming year, 2020.

The Federal Minister of information, Culture and Tourism, HE Mohamed Abdi Hayir in his message to mark the end of the year 2019, noted the significant progress on the economic, security, political and on social fronts.

He lauded international partners such as the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), the United Nations (UN) and other international allies for supporting Somalia’s stabilization and recovery efforts in 2019.

“I would say that the world, and in particular the African countries that dispatched their soldiers to Somalia, helped the growth of governance in Somalia. They have taken part in the security, economic, social, political revival of our country and supported the salvation of our people, institutionalization and putting governance structures in place in our country and protecting them,” Minister Hayir said.

The Minister paid tribute to AMISOM troop and police contributing countries for the sacrifice to restore peace in Somalia. He reiterated that without AMISOM, the Federal Government of Somalia would have struggled to survive the formative years.

According to the Minister, Somalia’s economy in 2019 grew by 3.8 percent. He said the government is spending the biggest chunk of its budget on improving the welfare of the security forces and investing in education and health.

“We achieved a lot in 2019 however we will reap the benefits of governance in 2020 which will be the year of victory. All our current efforts will bear fruits for the Somali people and it will be visible and felt by the public in 2020,” the Minister said urging the public to continue supporting their government.

The minister also noted that during 2019, the Somali security forces proved their ability to capture and hold territory, citing the capture from Al-Shabaab, of the key areas of Bariire, Sabiid, El-Saliini and Awdheegle, all in Lower Shabelle region.

He noted that increasingly, the Somali security forces are growing in confidence and demonstrated ability to take over the security responsibilities from AMISOM.

“I wish to tell the world that Somalia’s recovery, especially the restoration of peace and security in Somalia and the Horn of Africa region is close to being achieved,” Minister Hayir added.

The Minister Hayir also said the Federal Government of Somalia adheres to the conditions set by the International Monetary Fund, on sound financial regulations and management, and are prerequisite to qualifying for debt relief, which is critical to unlocking the country’s economic potential.

“We hope by the end of February, Somalia will qualify for debt relief and attract foreign direct investment to spur development and Somalia regains its beauty, improve the lives of our people, create jobs for youth and improve security,” Hayir reaffirmed.

In his New Year salutations, Minister Hayir said, “I tell the Somalis today your government has reached a point where they can take responsibility for your security and deliver public services. In 2020, this government will show you progress and development that will come to your doorstep,” the Minister said from his office in Villa Somalia.



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