The military court sentences government soldier to death penalty

Somalia’s military court has today sentenced death penalty against Omar Adan Hasan who’s on 5th May last year shot dead a police officer Abukar Salah Hared in border town Beled Hawo in Gedo region, court officials said.

According to the court website, On 23rd August 2020 the court’s prosecutor office has started the investigation of the murder case against suspected man Omar Adan Hasan, for thoroughly investigations the prosecutor has presented his case into the court on 7th October this year, after hearing his case the court ordered to transfer to central prison where he has waiting the final verdict.

During the case hearing the prosecutors have brought the court witnesses and other evidence to show their arguments are being clear and this man will have treat as guilt person.

One witness has told to the judges “there was a clash between Somali police officers and Somali National army who belong to the suspected murder, but there was no cross fire and the deceased person ordered by Omar not to move and he attempts to escape from the scene but he unfortunately shot dead”.

Deputy court persecutor Major Mumin Hussein Ali, who have the file of the case asked the judges to sentence the death penalty which he has deserved because of his innocent police officer killing.

The lawyers of the suspect have also asked the judges to have mercy upon him because of his presence in the frontline where might be possibility of mistaken by enemy.

Later on, the court judge colonel Hasan Ali Nor Shuute who presided over the hearing case has finally announced the verdict which is the death penalty after court has found guilty of murder.



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