UN warns fresh floods in Somalia


According to the  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) flooding of high magnitude has been reported along the Shabelle River in Ethiopia and the flood wave is expected to reach the Somalia side in the next few days.

There is a high flood risk in Belet Weyne district, one of the most vulnerable areas in the country in the next to two to three days.

Juba River, the levels have been low in the previous week but rose drastically in the last 24 hours. At Dollow, the levels have surpassed the moderate risk level of flooding, FAO said .

A massive floods hit last week many parts in Middle Shabelle region after the river broke its banks.
Baarey and Moyko villages under Jowhar town were the worst affected areas as floods resulted a huge displacements.

“Floods in villages near Jowhar leaves hundreds homeless while damaged large acres of farmlands. Families displaced by the recent floods are setting up make shift houses to shelter from the rains and facing difficult living conditions”said Somali government’s Spokesman,Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu

Hirshabelle State, Humanitarian partners and local communities are working to close the open river breakages in Middle Shabelle region as the floods effected many villages and farmlands under Jowhar district.