US announced multi-million aid to Somalia

The United States re-established permanent diplomatic presence in Mogadishu, Somalia on December 2, 2018.  USAID also re-established presence.  To create a better tomorrow for the people of Somalia, the United States is committed to providing more than $900 million in critical investment.


The United States is meeting life-saving humanitarian assistance needs; expanding education and healthcare; building institutions, good governance, and justice; creating jobs and advancing economic development; and providing stabilization and security for the people of Somalia.
U.S. Humanitarian Assistance to Somalia: $420 million in life-saving humanitarian assistance to Somalia this year.

Job Creation: Creating more than 1,600 full-time, private sector jobs in the last 3 years.  (In the dairy sector alone, our support created nearly 500 full-time and 650 seasonal jobs.  We helped stop Irmaan Dairy from closing down; it now produces over 3,500 liters of milk daily.)

The United States is looking at airport and port upgrades to create trade and jobs.

Debt Relief: Consideration of debt relief to attract development to Somalia.

Education: Supporting secondary education for 160,000 youth in Somalia and 20,000 primary school children (45%) girls.

Governance and Stabilization: $110 million to help establish good governance, conflict resolution, and judicial reform.



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