Alshabab senior member defects to the government

Head of extortion money know as Zakat of Alshabab in Dadarow area in Bay region has been defected to the Somali National Army’s 60th division on Thursday, as SNA officials told to the local media.

Mohamed Nor Mohamed Hussein aka Gudow in Alshabab, who has been heading in an Alshabab extortion money unit for last seven years, has today handed himself to the Somali National Army in Daynuney military camp, just around 30 km away from the provincial capital Baidoa of Bay.

He has reasoned for his defection from terrorist group after he felt that the group’s behavior toward the public was injustice and taking people’s properties without their consent is against the principle of the Islamic religion.

Major Mohamed Nur Mad dhere, he is a commander of 8th Battalion of SNA’s 60th division which are operating in Bay region has today paraded to the local media in an Alshabab terrorist senior member who’s decided to voluntarily defected and joined to the government.

Gudow, called his former Alshabab members to take advantage for the government’s amnesty of Alshabab fighters, if they quit their bloodshed activities and take peace.

There has been growing number of Alshabab defectors those are joining to the government after they suffered a lot in the terrorist side, and this man was one of that people who finally realized the exact face of Alshabab which is; killing and terrorizing the innocent civilian to take their properties by force.

By Ali Abdirahman