Court in Somalia jailed two men for 15 years after convicts’ abduction and robbery

Somali military court on Wednesday have sentenced for 15 years imprisonment against two men, after found guilty of robbery and abductions to the Mogadishu residents, while they were using the name of the terrorist group Alshabab, as judge declared.

According to the statement from court today, the Mohamed Ali Abdi and Ahmed Yassin have robbed dozens of people in Mogadishu they were also involved many other abduction cases in the mostly women.

It is not clear how many monies were robbed by the people, during these evil activities, but this would be one of rarely cases that this court deals with, although it holds another duty which is, taking action against militants’ group.

The prosecutor said, these men were using the name of Alqead affiliated group Alshabab, they texted or called by someone who they were assessed can be deceived and informed him to pay the specific amount of money, which can be zakat or extortion money alshabab are collecting from business people in Somalia.

Abdulkadir Isse a journalist, who is in the court today, has posted on his Facebook, these men mostly collect the money through mobile money transfer, and sometimes they had called a target person to come at Kahda district or one mosque in Mogadishu’s main Bakaro market, to receive their extorted money by the hand.

Last May, Somali lady informed to the National secret services the information of these gangs, the security forces have established and track down the perpetrators until they were brought to the justice.

By Ali Abdirahman